The “C” word.

“Oh wow you’re actually going through with it?”. “Are you sure this is what you want to do with your life right now?”. These were some of the many questions I faced when I made one of the most important decisions of my young adult life. The story goes like this…(pitcher of Margarita on table). I started my working life at the age of 20. After taking a one year break after community college to figure out what I wanted to do with my life I got my first job interview at a bank I had never heard of. Honestly I had no clue this bank existed so much so I had to ask my dad for directions to the building. My interview went well and was exactly how I had hoped it would be. Two weeks later I was asked to come in for training. It was a little intimidating but eventually I began to enjoy the interactions with customers. I gained experience in all the departments of the bank during my 8 year stay. I realized early on that there was little room for upward mobility in the organization so decided to invest in myself and become more marketable in the future. On this note I sacrificed and attended Monroe College to get my BA in Management. All the while gaining experience in many departments at work. After Monroe I kept on the road to further my education with my MBA. It was a long hard road but not for this story. In 2014 the bank I had learned of 8 years ago was a toxic environment to work in. I was not happy with my professional life and I felt stifled. This led to the biggest decision of my life. I decided to leave my job and make a big CHANGE! I know it seemed crazy to make that change in the midst of struggling economies and increasing unemployment but I was tired of being bitter and resentful every time I stepped into that building. I had tried for 2 years prior to 2014 to tolerate the environment and focus on building a better life. But the time had come when my mental and physical health mattered more. As I decided to make the bold move I seeked the guidance of God and asked for his wisdom. This was not a move of pure frustration but of a bigger plan thee almighty had for me. With this move I get to focus on things I enjoy doing and to also write a new chapter in my life where I am not afraid to take risks. I have been diligently looking¬†for the right job opportunity and also¬†working on my own business ideas. The Muse Unraveled is my first venture into the writing world and I will work hard to develop it into a brand that can be used to empower modern day muses to live out their dreams.

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